Monday, October 3, 2011

Salt-baked potato

What you see here is a russet potato on a bed of coarse salt with a shredded bay leaf and a shallot. This is yet another thing I got out of a magazine. The idea is that the salt is supposed to help cook the potato evenly and keep it from drying out.

What goes with a baked potato? Steak! Here's a flat iron (AKA clod or top blade) steak. It's a shoulder (chuck) cut, and has been kind of neglected until recently - so it's usually fairly inexpensive, even though it's quite tender and has a lot of flavor.

And what goes with steak? Mushrooms! Oyster mushrooms, in this case.

Mushrooms sautéing:

... a little darker:

... deglazed with a bit of brandy:

Finished mushrooms:

Potato's done:

Here's the cooked shallot, peeled:

... and some fresh thyme:

Use both to make a nice compound butter:

Slice the steak and top it with the mushrooms; split the potato and top it with the compound butter:

Verdict: not too bad, although I didn't really notice any significant difference in the potato between this method and simply baking it with olive oil and salt. Next time I'll probably throw a shallot in the oven for more compound butter, though.

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