Saturday, September 10, 2011

Linguine with clams

These are the crab shells from my previous entry, boiling with some onion and celery scraps. I'd actually started this shellfish stock that same night and just put it in the fridge.

After the stock boils for a while, it gets strained:

And strained again, though a coffee filter...

.. and finally reduced. Here's how much I ended up with, down from about a pint:

For linguine and clams, always get out the good stuff - even if you're using cheap canned clams.

And be sure to have a nice refreshment handy:

Start by slicing some garlic very, very thin and sautéing it gently...

.. until it looks something like this:

Then take it out of the oil. These garlic chips are a nice cook's snack:

Add the stock and some white wine to the pan, along with some parsley and a bit of salt and pepper:

Let that simmer gently for a while and start the pasta. I always weigh my pasta (yes, I'm a goofball).

Boil it al dente:

Meanwhile, drain the clams and throw away the broth. We could also add some of the broth to the pan with the sauce, but there's enough volume with the shellfish stock and wine.

When the pasta is nearly done, add the clams to the sauce. Don't do this too soon or they'll get tough.

Finally, stir the pasta into the pan, cover, and let sit off the fire for a few minutes to soak up the sauce.

Plated, with a nice green salad:

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