Saturday, September 3, 2011

Crab-Alfredo Baked Shells

Got this from a magazine.

Mise en place: shells, cream, butter, parmesan, shallots, parsley, nutmeg, lemon, crab, Panko, salt, pepper.

It's not really Alfredo, of course, since it has all that cream, but whatever.

While the shells are boiling, sweat the shallots in the butter with the nutmeg. The magazine recipe has you just simmer the shallots in the cream, but that doesn't make any sense to me.

Remove the shallots and butter to a bowl, wipe the saucier clean, and simmer the cream. Whisk in the butter slowly.

Add some of the parmesan, some of the parsley, and pepper. Continue simmering till thickened.

Meanwhile, make a nice salad and have a glass of white wine.

Add lemon juice to the sauce, correct the seasoning, remove it to a bowl, and fold in the crab and shells.

Keep an eye out for overeager assistants.

Divide the mixture into four baking dishes. I only had two, so I used miniature loaf pans as well. Top with the Panko and the rest of the parmesan. Run under the broiler to brown.


Verdict: not too bad. A bit rich, and kind of expensive to make (that crab is about $20/can). The sauce could use some sherry.

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