Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Dinner

So, we were going to have steak au poivre this Christmas, but I didn't like the looks of the tenderloin I found. I did find this one-bone prime rib roast/steak at a very decent price, though.

It's a bit less than three pounds, which is just about right for two people - and an excellent opportunity to try it in the sous-vide unit.

Since I don't have much imagination, I'll just try this Penzey's sampler for a rub.

Here it is rubbed and bagged:

Into the tank at 129°F for four hours. Meanwhile, sides and dessert. Here's a batch of roasted red potatoes with caramelized onions tossed with a little black truffle oil:

And a cherry pie from the frozen foods section of my local mega-mart. Yeah, I know, but I'm not making everything from scratch - and Marie Callender's is pretty good.

Not shown: steamed asparagus, because that's just boring, and horseradish sauce for the meat.

Here's the roast after coming out of the tank, with "drippings" - just about a couple of teaspoons - not enough to bother with.

Not very appetizing, is it? 

I had been planning to finish it in a hot oven with a garlic/thyme/rosemary and olive oil paste, but instead opted to simply sear it with a butane torch.

Yeah, that's much better. Here it is with the bone off and split in half so we can see that it's been cooked to the proper rare / medium-rare temperature.

And plated. This was really quite good, and a lot less fuss than traditional roasting. Definitely something to repeat.

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